Thursday, July 5, 2012

Recap and Birthday

I meant to keep up with this blog a lot better than this. Here is a recap of the last few weeks.

32 weeks pregnant: Had a Dr. appointment and ultrasound for a growth check and ended up finding out that my cervix was shortening... I was immediately put on bed rest/pelvic rest until further notice. I also got 2 steroid shots to develop the babies lungs. This also meant that I couldn't go back to work :(  I was happy and sad about that because I thought I had a little more time to say bye to people.

33 weeks pregnant: Had a Dr. appointment with fetal monitoring and an ffn test that came back negative which meant that I had a 1% chance of going into labor in the next two weeks.

34 weeks pregnant: Had a Dr. appointment, ultrasound, cervix check and fetal monitoring. Ultrasound showed further shortening of the cervix, cervix check found that I was 2cm and fetal monitoring showed that I was in labor! Ha ha, those contraction didn't feel strong enough for labor but I guess I built up a tolerance from the Braxton Hicks.

So at exactly 34 weeks pregnant (June 11, 2012) I was off to the hospital for further monitoring which turned into an emergency C-section. Luckily, my mom came with me to that 34 week appointment because my husband was working. This is how my phone conversation went while I was on my way to the hospital...
Me: Hi, honey. So don't panic or freak out but I'm on my way to the hospital because my contractions are
        2-3 minutes apart and I'm starting to dilate. This might not mean anything so don't worry and you don't
        have to hurry.
Hubby: What! Are you in labor!? I have court at 1 o'clock, I'm not gonna go, I'll meet you at the hospital.
Me: I said don't freak out!
Hubby: Okay I'll see you at the hospital.

So I get to the hospital, check in, and my husband gets there almost as quick as I did! I was hooked up to the monitors and after an hour I was checked again to see if I had dilated more. I was at 4cm. So...I checked in at 1230pm and at 3pm I was going into surgery! (Twin A was breech).

Me checking in
Stephen ready in scrubs

Hooked up to the monitors, and finding out I'm having the babies today!

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  1. Btw I guess I didn't post anything after 19 weeks but my ultrasound at 20 weeks showed boy and girl!