Friday, July 6, 2012

Recap Continued... Delivery time!

My personal goal for carrying the twins was at least 35 weeks. The thought of only going 34 weeks is really scary. I had two completely different pregnancies and two completely different deliveries. My first, I got a normal sized baby bump and went to 38.5 weeks. Noah was was 7.3lbs and 20.1inches. He stayed in my room with me while we were in the hospital, we left the hospital together... On the other hand, my second pregnancy I had two babies, not one. I had a million ultrasounds. I went on bedrest. I went to 34 weeks, and I was probably bigger at 34 weeks with the twins than I was at 38 weeks with Noah. When the Doctor comes into your room and tells you that in an hour you are going to be going into surgery for a C-Section (which was planned anyway since Twin A, the girl, was breech) you think of what you're going to miss out on. First, I was supposed to be pregnant for 3 more weeks at least. Second, the babies were immediately going to be taken to the NICU after being born. Third, I would be staying in the hospital for 5 days without the babies in the room with me. Fourth, I would be going home empty handed to an empty house. Finally, I wouldn't know when the babies would be coming home and wouldn't get the bonding time with them that I wanted since they were at the hospital and I couldn't be there all the time. So like I said, I had two very different experiences.

As far as the delivery goes, I had some great doctors who were very humorous and made the mood a little lighter. I had 4-6? NICU nurses in the room ready to take care of the twins. And this time my husband was actually with me! He was a great help and participated a lot more than I thought he would. He even took video of the babies being born...which I will not be sharing :-) And he cut both cords.

Both babies came out and were beautiful. Kadence was first at 3:42pm weighing 4lbs even and 15inches long. Liam was second at 3:43 weighing 4lbs 2.7oz and 17inches long. The different in size between the two was amazing. Kadence is a tiny little thing and Liam was tiny too! He just looked big compared to his sister.

After the surgery I went back to my room and threw up a couple times and hour until about 11pm. Thank you Mr. Anesthesiologist for not giving me nausea medication in my IV. That was great. I think it made my husband and I closer b/c he had to dump my vomit bucket for me :-)  What a great sport. By the time I got to go see the babies around 10pm I barely remember any of it. I was in pain and on pain medication and sick to my stomach. I feel a little jipped that I don't remember the first time I went to see them, although I remember them clearly in the operating room, which I think counts more.

So this was my delivery story. Besides being early, it was pretty uneventful. The real fun begins afterwards when I get to be a NICU mom for a few weeks.
Kadence's first picture
Liam's first picture

Tangled in cords

Had a panic attack at first, but relaxed soon after.

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