Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving & Zoolights

This year for Thanksgiving we went to my dad's house, then my husband's aunt's house, and then Zoolights, which is a holiday event the Phoenix Zoo puts on every year.
My little bird mad because he has to eat.

Sister and Brother

Grandma Mary and Liam

My brother is working.


Grandpa and Liam

Kadence looks bigger in this picture but she's actually a lot smaller than Liam.

OMG my sister is actually holding a baby, I had to get proof.

Sleepy Twins

The Fam at Zoolights. 
The Kieffer-Konzal's at Zoolights. Tyler is a ham.

Round and Round 
James' First time on a carousel

Fast like a cheetah

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Savings on Fuel

A great way to save money on gas is to shop places that have customer VIP cards where you earn points for cents off your gas. Also, if you are on WIC and you get formula I always swipe my VIP card to get points from that purchase because formula is very expensive and one check usually comes out to around $100 and I have 4 of them! So I earn points for gas and today I got 30 cents off and spent the least amount on a tank I gas that I have in who knows how long! I'm writing this post because I used to get my formula and WIC stuff from Walmart and it just occurred to me that I could have been earning points on a card for a long time and I should have taken advantage of that earlier.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Giraffe Encounters

Basically, this is just feeding a giraffe a piece of lettuce, but the kids love it. I went to the zoo with a group of friends and their kids and discovered that no matter how prepared I am, having 2 babies to take care of is still stressful. I also discovered that I hate my double jogging stroller because the front wheel doesn't swivel and it is almost impossible to push it with one hand. So tomorrow I am putting that stroller on craigslist and ordering a double jogger with a swivel wheel.

Micah and Noah (the kids were to short for me to get good pics of them)

Giraffe looking over at me

They survived

Friday, November 2, 2012

Billed Crochet Hat

I love this crochet hat that I found on Pinterest. This pattern fits my son and he is almost 4 years old. The pattern doesn't have a gauge and honestly, I never make a swatch when there is a gauge anyway (even though I probably should).

The pattern can be found here:

I think these hats are great for little boys and go one step cuter than just a plain beanie.