Wednesday, May 27, 2015


"Honey... Kadence took a huge dump in her room! Can you clean her up and put her clothes on so we can go to the gym!?"

My favorite thing to hear now a days is that one of my potty training almost 3 year olds has taken a dump on their bedroom floor. At this point, they are potty trained, right? They can pee on command, not only in the toilet, but in their pants when they are mad at me. They can officially go to a hiding place a poop on the floor, why they can't go to a secret hiding place called the bathroom is beyond me. So why is this taking so long? And so hard?

I have read 3 potty training books and looked up around 20 blog posts about potty training and nothing is working! I have even resorted to confining them to one room with a toddler toilet and stripping them of their clothes in order to keep a very close watch on them in order to catch them in the act and put them on the toilet like puppies. Somehow, the one minute intervals I wasn't watching them when I was either taking my own potty breaks or making them food they managed to do their business. I'm certain this was not a coincidence.

Are my children really this stubborn that they are refusing to go to the bathroom in the proper place? Or they really just not get it?? I can't tell. I know that training toddlers have accidents, but honestly, my kids really don't care. If they could wear a diaper all day they would be ecstatic because then they would get to just let it all go with no worries. I'm sure everyone would like that but I have made such HUGE deals for them going on the potty, short of throwing an all out party for them. However, even if a party was thrown for them they would pee and poop in their pants in the middle of it. That is my reality at the moment. It is very frustrating.

Sadly, I have 3 of my 4 children in diapers right now. I have to send my 2 year 50 week old twins to the gym childcare center with diapers on it is so sad.

As for now, I'm off to the store to get MORE carpet cleaner so I can clean up the prior mentioned dump on the floor of the twin's bedroom. If you are wondering why I don't have any on hand, it is because the last time I cleaned poop off the carpet, Liam got a hold of the bottle while I was scrubbing and sprayed every last drop of it onto the wall in the hallway.