I cannot find a "yarn ball holder" anywhere. Not even on Amazon. If anyone knows the specific name of one and where I can get it (for not too pricey) let me know. I want a multi-ball yarn holder that you can pull the string out of different compartments. I swear I have seen them but can't remember where. So for Christmas I wanted a yarn ball winder and I didn't get one. I am so glad! I am new to the yarn world and have tried to make a yarn ball but always fail. So, of course, I went to my trusty youtube and found a simple tutorial on a center pull string yarn ball which I will post the link to below. Now that I can make a yarn ball I needed something to hold it in so it doesn't roll away on me. I have twins and go through A LOT of formula and whenever I throw away an empty can I think, "I know I can do something crafty with this, I just don't know what". Well I found something! Yarn ball holder! And this is my very simple tutorial....

Start with an empty can of formula

Peel off the label
I used scrapbook paper to "decorate" my can, it can either be glued or taped on. There are many ways to get fancy with this, but my time was limited.
Wind your yarn into a center pull ball or whatever kind of yarn ball you usually make. This is the link to the tutorial I used to make my yarn ball. Which is super easy.
When you are finished with your yarn ball drop it in your can. I didn't measure the amount of yarn that fit into this can, I just kept winding until it fit in the can without forcing it. Again, this is extremely amateur.  
Take the lid and cut a small hole in the middle (mine is 1cm). If you have a drill or dremel handy this will be perfect for that, or if you don't (like me), I used a small exacto knife that I use for scrapbooking. Then, using sandpaper, (or if you don't have any, maybe a nail file, like I did) smooth the edges of the hole you just cut so it doesn't snag the yarn.
 Now take the string that is coming out of the center of yarn and put it through the bottom of the lid. Replace the lid with the string hanging out and Voila! Your very easy (upcycled) yarn ball holder, for smaller projects of course.
Thank you for your interest in this tutorial! Have a Happy New Year and many blessings to you and your family in 2013!


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