Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Family Just Grew By Four Feet: This is what happened when we had our first appoin...

Our Family Just Grew By Four Feet: This is what happened when we had our first appoin...: This is what happened when we had our first appointment. We had four weeks in between finding out that we were expecting via a handy home...
This is what happened when we had our first appointment. 

We had four weeks in between finding out that we were expecting via a handy home pregnancy test, but your always worried about that first appointment. The first ultrasound. My biggest fear at both of those types of appointments that I had were that they weren't going to find anything, that I would be empty. Besides having some nausea, I was not feeling pregnant at all. This only amplified my nervousness. 
We knew it was going to be a long appointment so we took Noah to the YMCA, there is no way he would be an angel for more than 5-10 minutes. When we got to the "Women's Care" office we sat down, looked at some brochures. Our scheduled appointment time came, then 5 minutes later we were still waiting. 10 minutes...15 minutes. Come on already!! Finally my name is called and we are taken into a nice sized room with an ultrasound machine and a TV to see whatever the nurse sees. My husband and I have done this before, we kind of know what to expect. So the the nurse starts the ultrasound and all we see on the screen is blurry gray lines, nothing exciting. Stephen is actually excited too, he's sitting up on the edge of his chair holding my hand waiting to verify that we have another bundle of joy coming our way. At this point, I think this is happiest Stephen has been about our news. I'm sure that for a man, they obviously don't feel pregnant, so this is their time to know that there really is something there. However, this moment , although memorable doesn't last long. 
As the nurse is moving the ultrasound wand around to find the baby, I notice it. I definitely need confirmation but I notice that there are two dark circles with little oval things in each. Stephen, on the other hand has absolutely no idea. So when the nurse says, "It looks like there are two in there". I start laughing, because I had joked about having twins and I saw the two circles so she couldn't really surprise me. However, Stephen is in shock. He went from sitting on the edge of his seat and making jokes to slouching back into the chair in complete silence. It took a few minutes, I kept asking him if he was okay, I expected to look over and see him passed out on the floor but he was still breathing. He finally says, "So there could be two, or are there definitely two?" The nurse replies, "There's definitely two, two babies, two placentas, fraternal twins". And silence. The rest of the appointment consisted of me asking a million questions and Stephen reverting to a childlike state playing games on his cell phone and trying to forget that the world outside his handheld companion is real. After awhile, I let him go and get Noah. He needs to wrap his head around this before he feels better, and I am ECSTATIC, so he is not going to rain on my parade. I immediately have to tell someone so in between seeing the nurse and the doctor, I take out my phone and take a picture of the ultrasound and send it to a bunch of people, but I don't tell them its twins. The picture is pretty obvious, although, like me, confirmation is still needed. The reactions I got ranged from skeptical to overjoy but I'm a planner and I had everything figured out withing a week after I found out. Now that I'm 15 weeks I'm not so worried about losing them anymore, now I need to start worrying about the reality of what it will be like to carry, deliver and take care of two babies instead of one. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It was no secret that I wanted another baby. I complained about not getting pregnant enough for my friends and family to remember to tread cautiously when announcing a new pregnancy or birth. I was not angry that other women were getting pregnant, although some only have to think "baby"and they magically appear. I was more upset with myself and wondering why it wasn't my turn. Why couldn't I get pregnant? I am young and healthy. I went as far as my insurance would let me on finding an answer which was little more than a "woman check-up" and some blood tests. My husband got tested too (and I felt bad that his test was a little more awkward) but everything came back normal and that was the end of our insurance approved "infertility treatment". After a year and half I finally promised myself a compromise...I'd get a new car. Not exactly a baby replacement but if I wasn't carting a baby in and out of my nice sized sedan then I didn't really need it. I decided on a mini-cooper. Why not? At least it is a baby sized car. 

I gave up a few times before this, but I knew in my heart that this time it was more official. I really meant it. We'd give it another few months and when the snow melted I'd get a new car. Well, its a good thing I decided to wait because the next month I got a "pregnant" on my home pregnancy test. For those of you who have tried to get pregnant and have it not happen immediately know that after a few months, you stop expecting a positive test. This time, I was only 2 days late and I had a stash of tests that I kept for those types of months. I was so sure that I wasn't pregnant that 2 days earlier I even stocked up on tampons. Shock and disbelief can't even describe what I felt when the test was positive. I honestly thought that this would never happen! I was finally coming to terms with just having an only child. Four weeks later we would have to come to terms with another surprise. TWINS!