Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It was no secret that I wanted another baby. I complained about not getting pregnant enough for my friends and family to remember to tread cautiously when announcing a new pregnancy or birth. I was not angry that other women were getting pregnant, although some only have to think "baby"and they magically appear. I was more upset with myself and wondering why it wasn't my turn. Why couldn't I get pregnant? I am young and healthy. I went as far as my insurance would let me on finding an answer which was little more than a "woman check-up" and some blood tests. My husband got tested too (and I felt bad that his test was a little more awkward) but everything came back normal and that was the end of our insurance approved "infertility treatment". After a year and half I finally promised myself a compromise...I'd get a new car. Not exactly a baby replacement but if I wasn't carting a baby in and out of my nice sized sedan then I didn't really need it. I decided on a mini-cooper. Why not? At least it is a baby sized car. 

I gave up a few times before this, but I knew in my heart that this time it was more official. I really meant it. We'd give it another few months and when the snow melted I'd get a new car. Well, its a good thing I decided to wait because the next month I got a "pregnant" on my home pregnancy test. For those of you who have tried to get pregnant and have it not happen immediately know that after a few months, you stop expecting a positive test. This time, I was only 2 days late and I had a stash of tests that I kept for those types of months. I was so sure that I wasn't pregnant that 2 days earlier I even stocked up on tampons. Shock and disbelief can't even describe what I felt when the test was positive. I honestly thought that this would never happen! I was finally coming to terms with just having an only child. Four weeks later we would have to come to terms with another surprise. TWINS!

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