Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Trendy Little Link Up: Fancify white


I can't resist a cute outfit. I found this white onesie with tutu attached at Once Upon a Child secondhand store. It seemed a little plain to me so I finally found a cute iron on to put on it. I found this princess iron-on at Michael's. I never knew the giant selection and personalized stuff you can put on clothing. They are very reasonably priced too! I will definitely be using them for birthday outfits. This iron-on was perfect for this outfit.
If you are looking for cute, inexpensive boy clothes that coordinate look at Kohl's. I only go shopping there when I get my 30% off coupon in the mail (you get them with a Kohl's charge acct.). These coordinating separates on Liam were $5 each and I love that the shorts fit great.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lovely blog hop.

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Rewarding Good Behavior

I used to reward my son's good behavior or lack of bad behavior with screen time. I would let him play my Ipad, Iphone, Nintendo etc. Unfortunately, I found it very easy to give him one of these things and have him sit quietly and let me get stuff done around the house. However, he does not know how to have this screen time in moderation and it took a meltdown at Tball practice to realize that I had to cut him off and come up with something new.

Instead of rewarding him after EVERY good thing he does I decided to let him earn something after multiple times of being good. I made a sticker chart for  him that has 5 rows and the numbers 1-10 on each row. Now he gets a sticker for things like eating all his dinner (which is a struggle most of the time), not crying at TBall practice, cleaning his room etc. I don't punish him for bad behavior by taking OFF stickers, he gets time-outs for that. This chart is strictly for positive reinforcement. It is working out great!!

Small poster board
Computer print outs of rewards
Stickers for rewards
Stickers for title (I used a Cricut to cut them out)
1) Make title at the top. You can name it whatever you want. "Good Job ____" worked for me.
2) Use sharpie to make lines for 5 rows
3) Use Google Images to search for pictures for your rewards. Save them to your computer, then insert them all on a Word document to print them out. You can adjust the size on Word.
4) Cut out the pictures and place them at the end of each row.
5) Hand write or use scrapbooking stickers if you want to be fancy to put in the number of stickers you want your child to get before getting their reward. I did 10.
6) Give your kid a sticker to start off and watch how fast they want to help you out or clean their room to get more stickers! 
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Everyday Onesie and Leg Warmer

First "Trendy Little" link up!


Most of our house is tile which can be hard on little knees and feet. So I go to my trusty onesie and hand made leg warmers for an "at home" outfit. I know I posted before on these leg warmers but I love these hot pink ones and had to share.
You can find the link to the tutorial on this post:

Friday, April 12, 2013

Reading The Great Gatsby

I always love reading classics (although I hated it in high school and college). I appreciate them more now, I guess. I saw the previews for Gatsby and now I have to read the book again. I honestly don't remember a thing about it since I read it over 10 years ago. My new favorite type of reading is books that are turned or have been turned into movies. I love to see the similarities and differences in them. Sometimes I like the books better, sometimes I like the movies better. For example, I like the whole Twilight Saga MOVIES way better than the books. Especially Breaking Dawn. But I recently saw "The Lucky One" and loved the book, not so much the movie, however, Zac Efron made it more than bearable. I would like to start a Book to Movie book club, I just have to convince some of my friends to do it too and then we could go see the movies together. It would be a great friend's night out.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fave Baby Leg Warmers

Since it is getting very hot here in Arizona I want the babies to be able to wear light weight clothes without callousing up their knees. Kady already has a little callous on one because she has been crawling longer than Liam. I looked at a lot of different tutorials on how to make leg warmers and I found my favorite one. It looked a little complicated to me at first but it ended up being pretty simple and it makes the cuffs at the bottom smaller so they don't slip off her feet :) Also, if you have a .99 Cent Store around I found a gigantic selection of knee high socks so I went a little crazy and bought about 10 pairs so I give some of them away.

Just Go here http://bloomingbums.blogspot.com/2011/04/diy-baby-leg-warmers-tutorial.html