Friday, April 12, 2013

Reading The Great Gatsby

I always love reading classics (although I hated it in high school and college). I appreciate them more now, I guess. I saw the previews for Gatsby and now I have to read the book again. I honestly don't remember a thing about it since I read it over 10 years ago. My new favorite type of reading is books that are turned or have been turned into movies. I love to see the similarities and differences in them. Sometimes I like the books better, sometimes I like the movies better. For example, I like the whole Twilight Saga MOVIES way better than the books. Especially Breaking Dawn. But I recently saw "The Lucky One" and loved the book, not so much the movie, however, Zac Efron made it more than bearable. I would like to start a Book to Movie book club, I just have to convince some of my friends to do it too and then we could go see the movies together. It would be a great friend's night out.

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