Thursday, July 12, 2012

Recap...NICU and coming home!

Because I am writing this after the fact, I wrote all my baby updates on Facebook. So now for my personal benefit and anyone who sees this who isn't on my Facebook I can have a nice timeline of how Kadence and Liam progress in the NICU.

June 14, 2012
Baby update: Liam got is oxygen tubes out today and is breathing good on room air. He is getting more food and digesting it which is a good preemie milestone. He is slowly starting to have a little more energy and opening his eyes more. Kadence is a little behind on being able to digest food and has a few brady's during the day (heart rate drops) but overall she is doing good and she loves to look around and especially loves when Daddy talks to her. Today they started their sunbathing under the bili lights and will be have to be under them for a couple days to help with jaundice. I'm leaving the hospital tomorrow morning and I'm pretty bummed out to be going home without them but they are in a good place and getting stronger and I will come and see them everyday as much as I can.
First time holding Kadence
First time holding Kadence
First time holding Liam
First time holding Liam

June 18, 2012
Baby update: the twins are a week old today! Kadence had her IV taken out so now people can hold her beside mom and dad. She is still working on eating more and gaining weight. She is back under the bili lights until tomorrow bc her boli levels are going back up but hopefully it will be resolved soon. Liam is at his max feeding for his size which is a little over an ounce and he is getting his IV out today. Both are doing good they just need to learn out to drink from a bottle and breathe thru their nose at the same time.
Liam and Kadence together for the first time after delivery
Me holding twins together for the first time
Grandma, Great Annie Krissie, and Cousin Alissa with Kadence.

June 21, 2012
Baby update!: Kadence is a little trooper! She is eating all her feedings on her own, meaning no feeding tube. She used to be in an enclosed isolette but for the last 48 hours she has been in an open bassinet and is able to regulate her body temperature. Her Dr said to get ready because she will be coming home soon :) Liam, is still having a harder time but the Dr said it's typical for preemie boys. He is back on oxygen mostly after feedings because he has a hard time breathing with a full stomach. He usually only eats half to 75% of his food and then falls asleep so the rest is put in his feeding tube. I'm sure he will catch up with his sister in the couple weeks so he can come home too.

June 23, 2012
Exactly one month before her due date Baby Kadence gets to come home! She is so tiny still (4lbs 5oz) but very healthy and the Dr has no reason to keep her in the Nicu longer. Liam is going to have a longer stay but he is in a bassinet now instead of an enclosed isolette. He's on oxygen all the time now but the Dr says it should help build up his stamina and hopefully he will join his sister at home in the next couple weeks :) thanks everyone for your prayers and support, they are really helping.

Car ride home

June 29. 2012
Baby update! Today Liam got to come home :) he is still on oxygen so the respiratory company came and set everything up. I think he is doing really good at home and him and his sister are so cute together.
First time together at home!

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