Thursday, July 12, 2012

Itzbeen timers

My first official post on a baby product that I love!

The ITZBEEN timer!

I wish I would have know about this product when I had my first baby but I am very glad I found them when I had my second and third babies. Here's how they work...

The top button with the light bulb is a nightlight
The first timer button says how long Itzbeen since the last diaper change
The second timer button says how long Itzbeen since the last feeding
The third timer button says how long Itzbeen since they fell asleep or been awake (your choice)
The fourth timer button is miscellaneous, I use it for pumping.
The small button underneath that lights up the whole timer in order to see it in the dark. The light goes off on its own, unlike the top nightlight.
The switch at the bottom is to remind you what side you nursed on last.
There is also a clock on the bottom of the screen where you can set the time.

Each button has a timer that you can set. For example, I set my feeding button for 3 hours. So I push the button when I start feeding and when the timer reaches 3 hours it will alarm for 30 seconds and blink red until you push the button again!

Definitely recommend this for anyone who has a hard time keeping track of diaper changes or feeding, or if you have people that are coming to help you and you want an easy way to keep track of those changes without wondering if someone else changed your baby or fed them while you were busy or sleeping!

Here is the link for more information

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