Wednesday, July 25, 2012


The twins are fussy today. The are taking turns crying and wanting to be held. I couldn't even make dinner tonight because I didn't have my hands free. I have a sling that works pretty nice, but it is so hot today and even though the air conditioner is on in my house I can still feel the humidity. The weather is a whole different topic that I am irritated about...I live in Wisconsin, it should be in the 80's, not 100's.

Anyway, Kadence's cry is not a cry at all, it is a scream. She doesn't know how to cry. Although all her movements and behavior are "newborn behaviors", you'd never guess she was only 6 weeks if you heard her. Liam, on the other hand, has the sweet newborn cry but because he is on oxygen I don't like to let him cry. His O2 levels always drop when he is distressed. So basically today has been me getting absolutely nothing done around the house, but I got a lot of quality baby holding time in!

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