Friday, July 20, 2012

Formula and bottle warming

Forget the fancy bottle warmers I have a better idea that I remember hearing from either a twins book or website. Because you go through so many bottles a day it is easier to prepare your bottles of breastmilk or formula in advance. However, then you have to refrigerate it and then warm up the bottles and with two screaming hungry babies that 5-10 minutes it takes to warm up a bottle can seem like forever. So a suggestion I heard is to use a small crock pot and put water in it and keep it on all the time. This is such a great idea because whenever I warm up bottles in a cup with hot water the water cools off really fast and I have to keep refilling it with hot water. With a crock pot the water isnt going to cool down. The first time you warm a bottle this way be sure to time it to see how long it takes bc if you end up over heating it it could take awhile to cool off and your starving children will not be happy about that!

I bought this small crock pot for $15 at Menards but Walmart sells them too for around the same price or less.

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