Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm now 19 weeks along. Only one more week until I find out if I need to bring all my baby boy stuff up from the basement, shop for girl stuff or both! We recently bought a new car that will accommodate all three kids. Yes, we bought a mini-van! I know that most people my age tell me to buy an SUV but I remember what it was like to drive with one baby in the car and having to climb into the backseat. There's no way I'm going to crawl into the back seat and then climb into the 3rd row backseat too! Also, even though we could put one baby in the second row and one baby in the 3rd row with Noah, it would be like having a two door car instead of a 4 door car. I would like to be able to go places with all 3 kids if I need to. If I had to do all that hassle with an SUV with folding seats down and everything, I would never go anywhere. Also, gas prices just jumped .15 cents in 2 days so that extra gas mileage will come in handy. Finally, our budget for another car was very small, trust me, we would love to feel cool in a nice SUV but they were all a few thousand dollars out of our price range, although we did find a Lincoln Navigator that we loved and was in our price range but it had 140,000 miles on it and only got 11mpg. I think we made a good decision. Plus, its only temporary.

This week I started a pregnancy fitness class. Just some light cardio and light strength training but I get to meet some other pregnant ladies and 3 of us are due in July. As of now we are all about the same size... it'll be interesting to see the comparison between us all as we get farther along. Tomorrow Noah starts his karate class! I'm pretty sure he won't be learning actual karate but he will like being able to punch and kick a bag or those hand pads at least. 

Anyway, here is a picture of me at 18 weeks and the next pictures I post will be of my little ones. 

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