Thursday, February 2, 2012

15 week photo

I know that even though I am about 4 months pregnant some people would expect that I look like a house already, but I'm sorry. I think I still look like I ate a big lunch. My last pregnancy I wasn't this big until about 5 1/2 months. I feel like I should be bigger at this point, (there's two in there, I swear) but I'm expecting to be GIGANTIC by the end of this pregnancy, so I should definitely not take for granted my smaller "bump" at the moment. Apparently, the babies are supposed to have a growth spurt soon and I just might blow up any day now. So far I think its been a nice gradual growth. I know that some of you might have been expecting something a little bigger (which is why I haven't posted any pictures until now) but I'm sure I won't disappoint you later and it will be interesting to see how big I will actually get!


  1. You are always so beautiful pregnant!! You look great girl!!

  2. I agree! You are radiant and always beautiful!