Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday's Tallies

I am new to crocheting and new to blogging. I absolutely love "blog hops" I think they might be my new obsession. I happen to be a "hobby-hopper", which means that I like to change hobbies more than I should. Crocheting is my new hobby and now I'm already feeling the urge to learn how to knit. HOWEVER, there's so many different projects to crochet that I am forcing myself to stick with this. Instead of switching hobbies, I am just going to put more variation into my crochet projects instead of just making hats, which happen to be adorable and I have twin babies to crochet for but I live in Arizona and it is not even close to being cold enough for hats yet. So this week I am trying an Amigurami animal that I will post my finished results on tomorrow. And I was going through some of the blogs that have been posted on the blog hop and I came across a blog that is doing a project from another blog "Gingerbread Girl"


 This blog is doing something called "Tuesday's Tallies" and she is making a Granny Square a day to create a blanket. I think this is a great idea and now I have to participate. So I am linking up with her blog to start my Granny Square a day. I am pretty far behind because the first post I found on her one a day project is from September but maybe I'll catch up by making 2-3 per day. So far my Tuesday's Tallies are 0! Ha Ha, but I'll have 2-3 done before I go to sleep tonight, so technically I'm prorating myself to 3.

Possibly starting with these colors.


  1. Hi Delisa!! I started my "one a day" one week ago, too!! I´m so excited!!!!

    See you on the next Carole´s "Tuesday's Tallies"!!!

  2. I wish I would have seen it sooner! It is such a great idea. Making blankets is such a big project to tackle so this I definitely motivating.

  3. Hi Delisa,
    Found your blog via Carole... my, are you busy with three young children!
    Just wanted to let you know: you're never behind with one a day (or we all are, haha). Just hop on where you are, and show in your blog your progression ( even if it's one. Or none, we all know live have those weeks!)
    For starters:I love the colours you show us!
    Have a good week,

  4. Jolande thanks for stopping by :) So far I've been able to do one square a day... I'm pretty excited for Tuesday to see how many I have by then!