Saturday, August 4, 2012

Twin slings!

"The Twin Trexx"

Ok, my friend Brittany sent me a link for twin baby carriers  and a couple look decent, but the two above are ridiculous but they are the ones that you can actually use as the twins get older. The 3 below look more practical BUT they are only for smaller babies. The 2nd pic says its only for babies up to 10lbs.TwinSling - Twin SlingK'tan twin baby slingMoby Wrap Twin Cradle HoldThe one that I like the most is the 3rd pic which is a Moby Wrap. It is basically a really long piece of fabric that you wrap around yourself and it hold the baby in...and go figure, I already have one of these!! So, when I have an extra set of hands (because I won't attempt to try and wrap and put the babies in by myself I will post a picture of my success or failure and let you know if my shoulders aren't killing me after 5 minutes. BTW, the sling that I use right now with just one baby in it is a "seven sling". And I love it. You can get it at

Tot Tenders Maximom Baby Carrier for Twins - Black


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) your babies are adorable!! I have a lovey duds wrap (pretty much the same as a Moby), and I love it! I think that you will really enjoy the Moby!

    I look forward to keeping up with your blog as well!

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  3. New follower and fellow mommy of 3 under 3 :)
    Beautiful babies!
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  4. Thanks for following me ladies! I am excited to meet fellow mommies of little ones. I'll definitely check out your blogs and follow you as well!