Thursday, August 9, 2012

Are They Twins?

It never fails that no matter where we go with the twins, someone will stop to look at the babies and they will ask "the question". 

"Are They Twins??"

First of all, the babies are about the same size and although they don't look exactly alike, it would be safe to assume that they are both mine. We are trying to think of witty things to say to people when they ask us this question.

So far we have thought of... "No, we just found this one outside"...."No, they are 6 months apart"....

Also, after we confirm that they are twins, then EVERY ONE asks if they are a boy and a girl. I dress my kids in very gender specific clothing. I am pretty sure 90% of Kadence's wardrobe has pink or flowers. Liam's wardrobe is either blue, or brown with other boyish colors. The only good comeback we can come up with for this question is "No they are both boys" or "No, they are both girls". What is funny is that when people ask these questions, THEY ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWERS! 

I need some more funny suggestion on how to respond to those questions. 

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