Saturday, January 12, 2013

Twins are 7 Months!


I wanted to take pictures of them together, but my husband had to go to work and it is almost impossible to get them together without some help. So maybe tomorrow.
On the 11th the twins turned 7 months. It's amazing how different they are. They are meeting milestones at different paces than each other, and a lot different than Noah. I remember being really proactive about Noah getting to his different milestones and with the twins, I'm just letting it happen on its own. I help them out, of course, but I'm not trying to get them to sit, or crawl or stand every second of the day like I did with Noah, partially because I don't really want them to grow up too fast, and partially because I simply don't have the time. Sometimes it still feels weird to me that they are both mine. Honestly, having two babies (or more) at the same time is unique. They are really starting to interact and today Kadence started stealing toys. Liam picked up a toy and Kadence wanted it. Once she got ahold of it, Liam picked up another. She, of course, dropped the once she previously took and went for the new toy Liam had. The sibling rivalry begins. Right now, it is cute, and I will enjoy them being civil about their toys without screaming at each other.
Kadence is about 14.5lbs. She hasn't had any teeth come in yet. She can sit on her own but can't get to the seated position herself. She is not crawling yet, but she scoots pretty well and I have seen her get on all fours a few times. She loves baby food and will actually eat the greens. Maybe she won't be a picky eater (fingers crossed). She has a voice of her own and a powerful cry. She also loves to put her hands over her eyes while she is having a bottle. My little diva.
Liam is about 16.5lbs. He doesn't have teeth yet. He can sit for a few seconds on his own. He is getting better at it every day. He still does NOT like being on his belly, so all fours has not happened and scooting only happens out of anger and frustration. I have a feeling that once he can sit on his own, he might start trying to grab at toys and find himself on all fours without having to start on his belly. He started eating food before Kadence, but does not like greens. My boys are picky. He is a lover and always wants to be held. He knows that he has competition and he definitely wins on the attention scale. He is happy as long as he is in someone's arms or his Jumperoo! He LOVES his Jumperoo, he even falls asleep in it sometimes. It definitely tires him out.
Noah is a great big brother, he loves to make the twins laugh. I'm pretty sure he does a better job of it than anyone else. He can make them laugh at the silliest things and I try to make them laugh and I get smiles but I have to work extra hard to get a laugh. I hope that his love for his brother and sister lasts forever.

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